Why has nobody brought this up?

In light of the ongoing dispute about transgenderism, and the Left’s continual efforts to push our societal norms in the “progressive” direction, one simple distinction keeps coming up in my mind. With hours of research, watching youtube videos, listening to podcasts, and reading articles there is always something left unsaid. The progressive left wants to separate sex from gender. They tell us, Gender is how a person perceives themselves, and Sex is how you were biologically born. Did you come out of your (non-gender specific) Human Parent with Boy parts? Or Girl Parts? That is your Sex. But nobody cares about your sex. All that matters is how you perceive yourself. Do you Feel like a man? Do you Feel like a Woman? And then they want society and government to change based on that notion. As though the state of one’s mind, or their opinion about themselves should be the dominating factor when voting on policy or choosing which bathroom to enter. We’ve all heard their tagline:

“Gender and Sex are different. We’re talking about gender.

I’m transGENDER… now give me everything I want”.


I don’t really have a problem with someone identifying as the opposite gender. It doesn’t really concern me personally, and I honestly could not care less what someone thinks about themselves. Looking at the issue on a societal level however, there is always one key distinction that nobody seems to make.


Your Identification is not meant for YOU.


The etched out sign on the bathroom door doesn’t care about the state of your mind. It’s simply giving you direction, to say:  hey, this room has urinals, for those of you with penises. Or vise versa. There is much more to it, as far as privacy goes, but that is the basic purpose of the sign on the door. When you visit the doctor because something is bothering you, unless you are bothered by your mind itself, the doctor doesn’t care about your personal identification. They only need to know what organs you carry around with you. That kind of info is important if you go in with, say: testicular cancer. Or any other illness specific to only one of the two genders.  


Let’s for example, imagine somebody stole your car. Lets say it’s an off-white (almost tan), Prius. When you file the police report, you don’t tell them you had a big red truck stolen from you. Even if you wish you owned a big red truck. Even if you had lifted it and put big Ford F150 wheels and tires on it. You would still tell them you had your almost tan Prius (with big wheels) stolen.

You wouldn’t need to tell them something like, “I just changed the oil in it.” because that doesn’t change what the car is. You could have filled it with diesel, or removed the engine altogether.. It’s still a Prius that got stolen.


Take a look at any drivers license. Along with your gender the card probably has your weight, your height, and a picture of you when you got it. My drivers license does not say I’m 6’3” and 220 pounds. It does not say I was born in 1979. It does not have a picture of Chris Pratt. Why? Because I am none of those things. I might want to be Chris Pratt. I might feel like I’m 6’3”.. But I’m not. Regardless of what my mind thinks, even if I was genuinely ill and thought I was a 5 feet tall asian woman, when the Police pull me over, they’re going to need to see who I really am.. Biologically.


That is not something I can make up on the spot.


You Identification is not for You.


Society has set up it’s constructs to create an environment in which we can all interact with each other, and behave in a civilized manner. Certain boundaries are required for that to work out smoothly. Penises and Vaginas use different restrooms. You must pass a driving test to be allowed on the road, and here in the United States on a two lane road we drive on the right hand side.


Believe me. I would love to identify as Royalty and have everyone address me as “Your Highness”.. But there is not one royal bone in my body, and I would simply be living a lie.

I understand it can be insulting when someone does not treat you they way you think you should be treated.

But if I am not Chris Pratt, I don’t get a cut of his Hollywood paycheck.

And if you are not biologically born a man, you don’t get to use a men’s restroom.